Daily Schedule of Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are a popular choice for senior citizen housing. They offer many conveniences to their residents and always have a skilled medical staff on duty. While there are many advantages to this lifestyle, the transition can be a bit frightening at first. Decisions about senior citizen housing are never easy. In this difficult time, you will quickly find that most nursing homes employ a professional, caring staff that will make residents and family members feel right at home.

A typical day in a nursing home may begin with breakfast served in the dining area. Meal time gives residents a chance to socialize and catch up on the day’s events. Though most residents have their meals in the common area, meals can also be served in the individual resident’s room if he or she prefers. Generally, a wide selection of food items is available for each meal as it is important to try to cater to every resident. The dietary needs of each resident are also met on an individual basis.

Between each meal, residents may participate in several activities of their choosing. Typical activities include games, physical activities, arts and crafts, and music. Often nursing homes contain a reading room or library stocked with plenty of books, magazines and newspapers. Exercise rooms are also available and may contain treadmills, exercise bikes and small weights. These rooms are typically available for both individual and group exercise sessions. Entertainers such as musicians and dancers may visit the nursing home on a regular basis. These entertainers may perform inside the facility or in the outdoor courtyard area, if available. The variety of activities available allows residents to pursue their current interests or take up new hobbies if they wish.

Religious Services
Some nursing homes have a chapel where regular religious services are held throughout the week. In other facilities, a religious leader may conduct a service once a week. Nursing homes take resident’s religious preferences very seriously and generally make every attempt to cater to every resident’s religious needs.

Family and friends are encouraged to visit residents often. Visitation times vary by facility and some nursing homes allow visitors to come and go as they please as long as it is fine with the resident. Visitors can stop by for a few minutes every day or stay a bit longer to dine with the resident or participate in activities.

A common misconception regarding nursing homes is that a resident will lose their independence. While residents may experience a more structured lifestyle, nursing homes today tend to encourage individuality and independence while offering the highest level of care. They offer residents a unique experience that includes the ability to meet new people, socialize, and explore new hobbies without having to leave facility grounds. If a nursing home feels like the right option for you or a loved one, make sure to take your time while choosing a facility to ensure the most comfortable stay.